Meet Princess Tina

Whimsical like a pegasus

Once upon a time... Tina was a young princess who lived in her own fairytale land. Growing up she adored the Disney Princesses and saw a little piece of herself in them. She grew up going to the Disney Parks and adored to escape into magical lands whether it was reading books, directing and acting with her friends in "at home" plays, playing with her younger sister or watching her favorite movie, The Little Mermaid, which she can recite word for word... She wanted to create a real life fairytale in her late teens and started Fairytale Celebrations with her sister Elizabeth, and her close friends that loved Disney as much as she did.

Tina is ecstatic with how Fairytale Celebrations continues to grow. During the week she works as a hair stylist at Chazio's Boutique Salon, she loves being the "fairy godmother" for a change! Tina recently got engaged in May in Walt Disney World and is currently planning her Royal Wedding! Tina is a lover of animals especially her dog named Ginger (what princess isn't complete without an animal sidekick?!).

Tina's favorite princess is Ariel, but both Anna and Rapunzel are close seconds!


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